Why are you consulting on regeneration plans for St Werburgh’s?

    The Council’s Draft Local Plan has identified St Werburgh’s as priority area for regeneration in recognition of it’s potential as a high-quality residential led mixed-use community. To help shape the future of the area, the Council has commissioned BDP architects to develop a detailed Masterplan for St Werburgh’s. We are keen to understand your ideas for this important part of Birkenhead.

    We have had regeneration strategies for these areas before – what is different this time?

    It is important that we have plans in place for the future. Although we are currently experiencing a lot of uncertainty in the economy, having a clear vision and strategy in place will put us in a strong position to secure the right type of development and future funding. A formally adopted masterplan provides confidence to stakeholders, including potential investors. The masterplanning work will identify proposals which could be delivered over the next few years, alongside longer-term opportunities.

    What is a Masterplan?

    Masterplans are normally adopted as formal planning documents, to provide more detailed guidance within a particular area, for example setting out parameters for building heights and the materials used in new development. Once approved, the masterplan will help guide the Council over the next 15 years in their decisions on regeneration, development, and preservation.

    What stage is the St Werburgh’s work up to?

    A team of urban designers, transportation specialists, environmental experts and property professionals have come together to develop a masterplan for St Werburgh’s. The process started with an in-depth review of the existing area, which includes a study of; demographics (people / population) health, housing, transportation, community services, open space, local economy / jobs. Discussions with building and landowners, businesses and property agents has informed initial ideas on how this area might function, look and feel going forward.


    Feedback from the survey and engagement experience will help shape and finalise the masterplan.

    Will these ideas happen?

    The ideas shown are based on initial ideas emerging through the masterplan process. They do not represent firm Council proposals at this stage but have been developed to stimulate conversation and people’s imaginations. These suggestions are intended to help people understand how this area might function in the future.

    What will happen next?

    The Council will use feedback to finalise its masterplan for St Werburgh’s. The Council will then be asked to approve the masterplan. Once approved it will help reinforce the Council’s planning policies.